Mortar Hoses & Nozzles

Madewell® offers equipment for shooting mortar by hand, such as mortar hoses and a variety of wet mix shotcrete nozzle sizes and configurations:

  • Medium velocity wet mix shotcrete nozzles are the most common nozzles used with Mainstay mortar mixing and pumping equipment. These nozzles increase production and provide the smoothest finish, but they require more air volume to operate properly.
  • Low velocity mortar nozzles have a lower velocity compared to larger shotcrete nozzles, but they also require less air volume.

Mainstay® Mortar Spinner

Mainstay Mortar Spinner used to spin mortar onto round structures such as manholesAn alternative method to applying mortar to round structures such as manholes is through the use of the Mainstay Mortar Spinner. This device provides uniform application thickness and reduces material consumption and waste.

Features & Benefits:

  • Increases productivity versus conventional hand spray
  • Reduces the amount of time personnel are in the structure
  • Increases the velocity at which the restoration mortar is applied, which increases bond strength
  • Provides enhanced application uniformity resulting in reduced material usage and finishing time

Mortar Spinner Specifications:

  • 1.75 horsepower air motor requires 75 cubic feet per minute at 100 pounds per square inch
  • Centrifugally apply cementitious mortars to 6 foot diameter structures

Mainstay Hose Puller

Mainstay Hose Puller for use in deep manholesManholes as deep as 50 feet pose a unique challenge from the standpoint of accessibility. Madewell Products offers the Mainstay Hose Puller to address this challenge by mechanically lifting and lowering the spinner by the mortar hose. The unit requires only a single operator.