Manhole rehabilitation is an efficient and low-cost alternative to replacing brick and concrete manholes that have experienced significant deterioration related to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) corrosion. Madewell® Products Corporation manufactures a variety of products ideal for manhole rehabilitation and sewer structure restoration of any kind.

  • The Mainstay® Composite Liner: The Mainstay Composite Liner is a two-component manhole rehabilitation system consisting of a high strength restoration mortar and an epoxy corrosion barrier coating that cure simultaneously to repair and protect brick and concrete manholes and other sanitary sewer structures.
  • The Mainstay Composite Liner FR: a modification of the standard Mainstay Composite Liner manhole rehabilitation system that includes a high strength epoxy/fiberglass layer for additional strength.
  • Calcium Aluminate Cement Mortars: Madewell manufactures both calcium aluminate and pure calcium aluminate cement mortars to be used as stand alone solutions for manhole rehabilitation.
  • Ancillary Manhole Rehabilitation Products: These materials include hydraulic cement mortars, epoxy primers, chimney seals, and other mortar and epoxy products that may be suitable for your application.
  • Mainstay Product Calculator: This helpful tool allows contractors to calculate mortar and epoxy quantities based on specification requirements.
  • Library: Visit our library to view product detail sheets, specifications, application guides, technical bulletins, case studies, and videos.