Madewell Polymer Lining Systems can be used to waterproof, corrosion-proof, and restore concrete structures in aquariums, zoos, and fish hatcheries. These lining systems provide a safe living environment for fresh and salt-water fish and marine mammals.

  • Madewell Unreinforced Polymer Lining Systems: These systems perform well in subterranean structures or structures subject to high water tables and hydrostatic pressures. They restore rough, deteriorated concrete and provide an attractive, durable, nontoxic, and easy to clean surface.

  • Madewell Crack-Bridging Laminate Lining Systems: These systems are designed to resist cracks within the substrate up to 1/16" in width and prevent corrosion of reinforcing steel. They perform well in above-ground aquaria where there is occupied space around and/or beneath the aquarium structures and where the consequences of leaks may be catastrophic.

  • Mainstay ML-Flex Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane: This product is considered a low-cost alternative that may be used in "back of house" applications or beneath theming (e.g. artificial rockwork and coral) where appearance and cleanability are of secondary importance. It resists hydrostatic water pressure and produces excellent adhesion to properly prepared substrates. Mainstay ML-Flex will bridge static hairline cracks, but has limited ability to bridge cracks which move over time.