Madewell®'s Crack-Bridging Laminate Lining System is designed to resist cracks within the substrate up to 1/16" in width and prevent corrosion of reinforcing steel in zoo and aquarium structures. This system performs well in above-ground aquaria where there is occupied space around or beneath the aquarium structures and where the consequences of leaks may be catastrophic.

Madewell Crack-Bridging Laminate Lining System

Typically this system will range from 126 mils (0.126”) to 191 mils (0.191”) depending on the number of layers of glass reinforcement applied and the amount of Madewell 806 or Madewell 1312P Epoxy used.

  1. Empty pool lined with Madewell's laminate lining systemMadewell 927 Penetrating Epoxy Primer & Sealer
  2. Madewell 1312P Trowelable Epoxy Surfacer as needed for filling bugholes and smoothing concrete on new and existing structures.
  3. Madewell 806 Sprayable Flexible Underlayment for bridging cracks up to  1/16" in width or Madewell 1312P Sprayable Epoxy Surfacer for bridging hairline cracks, depending on the application. Madewell 806 Trowelable Flexible Underlayment may be used in cases where a thick cross-section of flexible material is required (e.g. coving a wall/floor joint).
  4. Madewell 1312E Epoxy Saturant with fiberglass reinforced laminate. This layer consists of 1.5 ounces per square foot chopped glass mat and 9 ounces per square yard woven glass cloth saturated with Madewell 1312E Epoxy Saturant.
  5. Madewell 1312S 100% Solids Epoxy Coating at 10-20 mils (0.010" to 0.020") in one or two coats or Mainstay® DS-5-S Medium Build 100% Solids Epoxy Coating at 20-50 mils (0.020" to 0.050") in one or two coats.
  6. Madewell manufactures various topcoats suitable for different types of applications: Madewell 525 Polycarbamide Coating, Madewell 1450 Aliphatic Polyurethane Coating, or Madewell 1550 Fluorinated Polyurethane Coating. Madewell 1450 and 1550 may be used in conjunction with one another depending on the application.*

Madewell Crack-Bridging Laminate Lining System with Mortar

Mainstay ML-72 or Mainstay ML-72 HP Sprayable Microsilica Mortar may be used in lieu of Madewell 1312P in cases where surfaces have been roughened by aggressive surface preparation. This system works well in subterranean structures or structures subject to high water tables and hydrostatic pressures. Mainstay ML-72 Microsilica Mortar is typically applied at a thickness of 1/2” to 2” depending on substrate roughness. Mainstay ML-72P is typically applied at a thickness of 1/8" to 1/2" depending on substrate roughness.


*Color stability and gloss of Madewell 1450 would be extended by the use of a clear coat of 1550 or in cases where chlorine is used for disinfection. Pigmented versions of Madewell 1550 do not perform well when exposed to both chlorine and strong ultraviolet light. For service conditions where both chlorine and strong ultraviolet light are present, a clear (unpigmented) coat of Madewell 1550 provides optimal performance.