Tank Linings:

Madewell Products Corporation manufactures epoxy and novolac vinyl ester products that are ideally suited as tank linings for most chemical immersion applications:

  • Mainstay DS-5 Epoxy Coating is a workhorse, 100% solids, ultra high build (125 mils) corrosion barrier that can be used to line steel and concrete tanks. This product is primarily used where a mixture of chemicals, such as industrial wastewater, dilute acids, some solvents, and alkaline materials are contained.
  • Mainstay DS-5-S is also a 100% solids epoxy coating applied at up to 40 mils in a single coat, primarily for steel tanks containing the same chemicals.
  • Mainstay 714 is a flake glass filled, novolac vinyl ester coating that provides corrosion protection of concrete and steel in aggressive industrial environments. This product has resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, including many acids, most alkalis, and various solvents. Mainstay 714 is suitable for immersion as a tank lining as well as for splash, spill, and fume exposure.

Industrial Restoration

Many concrete structures in industrial environments such as trenches, sumps, pits, and tanks can be restored and protected using the Mainstay Composite Liner. This two-component system consists of a high strength restoration mortar, such as Mainstay ML-72 Microsilica Restoration Mortar, and an epoxy corrosion barrier coating, such as Mainstay DS-5 Epoxy Coating, that cures simultaneously to repair and protect concrete and brick structures. The Mainstay Composite Liner can be enhanced in aggressive industrial environments by topcoating with Mainstay 714 novolac vinyl ester. The combination of vinyl ester resin and glass flake reinforcement produces a product with superior corrosion resistance to a wide variety of aggressive chemicals.

  1. Mainstay vinyl ester system

    Mainstay 714 Flake Glass Filled Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester
  2. Mainstay DS-5 100% Solids Epoxy Coating at 50 to 125 mils or Mainstay DS-5-S at 20 to 50 mils.
  3. Madewell 927 Penetrating Epoxy Primer for applications where Mainstay ML-72 or ML-72F cannot be immediately topcoated with Mainstay DS-5 or DS-5-S.
  4. Mainstay ML-72 at 1/2" to 5" or Mainstay ML-72F Sprayable Microsilica Restoration Mortar at 1/8" to 1/2".