Madewell® Products Corporation manufactures high quality epoxy and novolac vinyl ester products that provide maximum chemical resistance in industrial tanks containing corrosive materials. In addition to corrosion protection, Madewell also offers restoration systems for deteriorated structures in need of repair.

  • Mainstay® Tank Linings: These products include 100% solids epoxy coatings and novolac vinyl ester materials that provide superior corrosion protection for steel tanks in pulp and paper mills, chemical processing plants, and other industrial environments.
  • The Mainstay Industrial Composite Liner: This system provides a simple and effective solution to restoring deteriorated concrete and virtually eliminates the risk of future corrosion through the use of a high-strength, high-build restoration mortar and a flake glass filled corrosion barrier coating.

Deteriorated Juice Bowl Plant structure with debrisJuice Bowl Plant structure restored with the Mainstay Industrial Composite Liner