Brick and concrete manholes can often be restored without the use of an epoxy corrosion barrier coating. Mainstay® calcium aluminate cement mortars are designed to withstand high levels of hydrogen sulfide and prevent future attack in corroded brick and concrete structures.

Bird's eye view of severely corroded concrete manholeBird's eye view of concrete manhole lined with Mainstay calcium aluminate mortar

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Recommended For:

Restoration of brick and concrete manholes experiencing corrosion with a pH of 1 or higher

Advantages of Mainstay Calcium Aluminate Cement Mortars:

  • A tool used to check mortar thickness is inserted into uncured mortarMainstay calcium aluminate cement mortars are designed to withstand corrosive environments with a pH of 1 or higher.
  • These products are specifically designed for use in moisture laden environments. Mainstay calcium aluminate products are properly applied when the surface of the concrete or brick manhole remains damp.
  • Mainstay ML-CA and ML-PF are high-build restoration mortars that can be applied to vertical manhole surfaces up to 3" thick, often restoring the manhole substrate to its original thickness.
  • The use of these high strength (>10,000 psi compressive) materials results in a restored surface that is typically stronger than the orginal structure.
  • Mainstay calcium aluminate mortars prevent leaks and groundwater infiltration in brick and concrete manholes.