Mainstay® equipment packages include all the necessary components required to mix, pump, and spray heavy bodied restoration mortars; proportion and spray epoxy coatings; perform surface preparation with on-board high pressure cleaning equipment; and provide compressed air and electrical power to operate power tools, ventilation, and lighting. NOTE: These trailer configurations are for example only. Many equipment component combinations and configurations are possible. To speak with a Madewell® representative for assistance in designing a package that suits your specific needs, please contact us.

Trailer Mounted Equipment

Goose Neck & Tag Along Trailer Packages

Goose Neck Trailer PackageTag Along Trailer Mounted Equipment PackageGoose neck trailers offer the advantage of tighter turning/backing radius, better load distribution between the trailer and the truck, and less sway. Tag along trailers do not take up space on the bed of the truck, and the tongue area offers some usable space. Trailer modules supplied by Madewell are typically outfitted with the following features:

  • Two 7,000 pound (lb) axles
  • Electric brakes, both axles
  • 275 gallon water storage tank
  • Heavy duty I beam construction
  • Twin 10,000 lb jacks
  • Trailer GVW of 14,000 to 15,000+ lbs
  • Manufactured in accordance with National Association of Trailer Manufacturers' (NATM) standards.
  • 210 cubic feet per minute (CFM)/80 horsepower (HP) diesel powered air compressor/power unit
  • Hydraulically powered mortar/mixer pump
  • Steel pallet rack for a single pallet of mortar (with space for hose storage beneath)
  • Hydraulically powered pressure washer
  • Hydraulically powered 10 kilowatt (kW) generator
  • Pneumatically powered mechanical proportioner coating spray unit

Truck-Mounted Equipment

Truck Mounted Equipment PackageTruck-mounted equipment packages are also available. Madewell can assemble and install any of the following components on a customer-supplied vehicle:

  • 210 CFM/80 HP diesel powered air compressor/power unit
  • Hydraulically powered mortar mixer/pump
  • 275 gallon water storage tank
  • Steel pallet rack for mortar pallets
  • Hydraulically powered pressure washer
  • Hydraulically powered 10 kW generator