Mainstay® ML-72HP mortar is a high-build, high-strength, sprayable microsilica restoration mortar that can be centrifugally applied to pipes and culverts in need of structural repair.

View down a corroded horizontal concrete culvert pipeProduct Detail Sheet:

Mainstay ML-72HP Horizontal Pipe Restoration Mortar (150 KB)

Recommended For:

  • Corrugated metal pipe (CMP)
  • Concrete pipe
  • Stormwater drainage pipe
  • Steel and concrete structures experiencing mild corrosion

View down concrete culvert pipe lined w/ ML-72HP mortarAdvantages of Mainstay ML-72HP Horizontal Pipe Restoration Mortar:

Mainstay ML-72HP restoration mortar provides numerous benefits over open cut pipe replacement:

  • Mainstay ML-72HP mortar can be applied up to five inches to corroded pipes that have rusted through and expose the surrounding soil.
  • This restoration mortar cures up to 10,000 psi compressive strength, increasing structural integrity and essentially creating a pipe within a pipe, thus providing a low cost alternative to open-cut pipe replacement.
  • Mainstay ML-72HP mortar stops groundwater infiltration, seals leaks, and resists hydrostatic pressure.