Mainstay ML-72 is a blend of portland cement, microsilica, and other modifiers that produces a high strength, low shrinkage, and low permeability mortar used for the rehabilitation of deteriorated concrete structures such as those found in water treatment plants. Mainstay ML-72 is typically used in conjunction with an epoxy topcoat, such as Madewell 1312S White Epoxy Coating to provide the host structure with increased structural enhancement and corrosion protection.

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Product Overview

Mortar Type

Portland cement and natural siliceous aggregates enhanced with microsilica, polypropylene fibers, and various additives


65 pound bag; special packaging available

Mix Water

Up to 1.3 gallons per bag


0.54 cubic feet per bag when mixed correctly

Compressive Strength

10,000 pounds per square inch in 28 days (ASTM C-109)


0% after 28 days at 90% relative humidity (ASTM C-490)

Application Equipment

Contact us for information regarding the proper equipment to apply this product.