Madewell 711 is designed for use on manhole chimneys and is applied by spray to the joint between the chimney and frame of a sewer manhole to protect against cracking from freeze/thaw and traffic.

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Product Overview

Coating Type

100% solids, modified elastomeric urethane joint sealant


Normally stocked in 1,500 ml two-component kits


One 1,500 ml kit will normally treat a single manhole chimney and frame at 12” wide (vertically)

Mix Ratio

Components mix at a volume ratio of 1 part A to 1 part B



Working Time

Approximately 2-3 minutes at room temperature

Application Equipment

Sulzer MixCoat DPS 1500-01 Cartridge Spray Gun. Each tube set is sold with a single 90º Sulzer Mixpack spray tip and static mixer.