Mainstay 714 Flake Glass Epoxy Novolac Vinyl Ester Coating is designed for application over steel and concrete substrates. Mainstay 714 is resistant to a wide variety of chemical exposures including many strong organic and inorganic acids, solvents, alkaline chemicals, and some oxidizing agents. It is well suited for use in immersion, splash, and spill service.

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Product Overview

Coating Type

100% reactive, flake glass filled, epoxy novolac, vinyl ester coating


4.5 gallon kits standard; special packaging available


Approximately 80 square feet per gallon at 20 mils; 360 square feet per kit at 20 mils; allowances should be made for waste.


Gray and red

Working Time

Approximately 80 minutes at 60º Fahrenheit

Approximately 40 minutes at 80º Fahrenheit

Approximately 15 minutes at 100º Fahrenheit

Application Equipment

 Contact us for information on the proper equipment to apply this product.