Mainstay DS-5-S provides protection against corrosion in concrete structures and exhibits a number of superior properties: toughness, permanent flexibility, and improved chemical and temperature resistance. The absence of solvent reduces shrinkage, cracking, and disbonding and eliminates the problems related to solvent entrapment. Mainstay DS-5-S is particularly well suited for use as a topcoat over Mainstay ML-72 or Mainstay ML-72F Sprayable Microsilica Mortar.

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Product Overview

Coating Type

100% solids, two-component epoxy coating


4.5 gallon kits standard; special packaging available


Approximately 80 square feet per gallon at .020" (20 mils), or 32 square feet per kit at .050" (50 mils); allowances should be made for waste

Mix Ratio

2 parts A to 1 part B by volume


Off-white; custom colors available upon request

Working Time

Approximately 40 minutes at 80° Fahrenheit

Application Equipment

Contact us for information regarding the proper equipment to apply this product.