Product Detail Sheet:

Mainstay ML-72 Sprayable Microsilica Restoration Mortar (38 KB, requires Adobe Reader)

Mortar Type:

Modified portland cement based mortar


Normally stocked in 65 pound bags; special packaging available

Applied Thickness:

Mainstay ML-72 Mortar may be applied from 1/2" to 5" depending on the condition of the substrate. It's high-build capability allows severely deteriorated surfaces to be restored to their original substrate thickness.


Approximately 13 square feet per bag at 1/2"


Mix 1.2 gallons of water per 65 pound bag

Test Data:

  • Compressive Strength per ASTM C-109: 10,000 psi at 28 days
  • Flexural Strength per ASTM C-293: 1,505 psi at 28 days
  • Tensile Strength per ASTM C-496: 910 psi at 28 days
  • Shrinkage per ASTM C-596: 0% at 28 days at 90% relative humidity
  • Bond Strength per ASTM C-882: 3,440 psi at 28 days

Suitable Applications:

  • Restoring concrete surfaces that have experienced mild corrosion
  • Smoothing and resurfacing concrete that has been roughened by aggressive surface preparation
  • Cementitious underlayment ideal for the application of an epoxy topcoat