Product Detail Sheet:

Madewell 525 Polycarbamide Coating (41 KB, requires Adobe Reader)

Coating Type:

Polycarbamide coating


Normally stocked in 4.5 gallon, two-component kits; special packaging available

Applied Thickness:

8 to 15 mils DFT (.008-.015") in a single coat


Approximately 650 square feet at 10 mils dry (.010"). Allowances for waste vary depending on jobsite conditions.

Mix Ratio:

3 parts A to 1 part B by volume

Working Time:

Approximately 15 minutes at 70 degrees Fahrenheit

Suitable Applications:

  • Top coat over epoxy coatings to provide UV resistance in outdoor applications
  • Top coat over flake and quartz epoxy floors to seal and protect surfaces in commercial and industrial applications
  • Suitable for immersion service in fresh and salt water applications