Mortar spinner in a cut-out culvertThe Madewell® Horizontal Mortar Spinner has a powerful air motor with a 1.25” diameter center feed for uniform mortar application in up to 8' diameter horizontal pipes (a larger motor is available on request). The air motor is articulated along its longitudinal axis by an air cylinder and automatically reversing limit switches and an air control valve. This means that the spinner air motor is constantly moving back and forth up and down the pipe being lined for more uniform mortar application thickness. The spinner sled is easily adjusted to any pipe diameter using four 1” diameter steel pipe. These are available prefabricated to any diameter pipe or can be fabricated in the field from pipe purchased from a hardware or building supply store.

Cable puller deviceThe Precision Cable Puller is a uniquely constructed air powered gear motor, which is in turn further reduced by a speed reducer and sprocket set up. The use of a cable for this application means that the pulling device is able to retract long lengths (as much as several hundred feet) of mortar hose along with the mortar spinner. The speed of the Puller is precisely controlled (sometimes at speeds of only a few inches a minute for large diameter pipes and thick mortar linings). The capacity of the Cable Puller and wire rope are sufficient to pull >400' of mortar hose and the Mortar Spinner.