Madewell 927 is a penetrating epoxy primer and sealer for porous substrates such as concrete and other cementitious surfaces. It may be used in a variety of applications in the pulp and paper, chemical processing, steel, metal finishing, and refining industries. Madewell 927 is recommended as a concrete primer under many Madewell epoxy coating systems.

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Product Overview

Coating Type

100% solids, two-component penetrating epoxy primer/sealer


4.5 gallon kits standard; special packaging available


Approximately 250 square feet per gallon on new, dense concrete; approximately 150 square feet per gallon on old, porous concrete

Mix Ratio

2 parts A to 1 part B by volume


Amber/semitransparent (depends on the thickness and porosity of the substrate)

Working Time

Approximately 45 minutes at 70º Fahrenheit

Application Equipment

Contact us for information on the proper equipment to apply this product.