The Mainstay Composite Top system is to be installed by approved applicators who adhere to the following requirements:

  1. Inspect concrete surfaces to receive Mainstay Composite Top for defects such as spalled areas, cracks, and/or surface treatments that might inhibit proper adhesion.

  2. Remove all loose dirt and debris. Remove all contaminants that have penetrated the concrete surface by cleaning with trisodium phosphate (TSP) and/or steam cleaning. After pre-treatment, prepare concrete surfaces by shotblasting to an International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) of 3 or greater.

  3. All floor edges that cannot be shotblasted may be diamond-ground (e.g. door thresholds and wall edges).

  4. After shotblasting, mix Permaseal Platinum and apply by roller to properly prepared surfaces in accordance with the product data sheet. Apply Permaseal Platinum at a thickness of .016" to .021" (16 to 21 mils) in accordance with the product data sheet.

  5. Immediately after application of the Permaseal epoxy (before the epoxy has begun to set), broadcast to refusal a layer of medium-grit (20 to 60 mesh), clean, dry, sub-angular, low free silica aggregate to provide a rough, angular profile.

  6. When the Permaseal epoxy has hardened to the touch, sweep or vacuum the floor to remove all excess aggregate.

  7. After excess aggregate has been removed, mix, pump, and apply Mainstay SLU-HC in accordance with the product data sheet.