Mainstay Composite Liner — Proven Performance Since 1962

Floor Coatings

Madewell's self leveling and moisture mitigation products combine to form the Mainstay Composite Top system. These two products can be installed on floor surfaces as soon as two days after concrete placement and provide numerous synergistic benefits:

  • Completed flake floor at a local wastewater treatment plantIn most cases, the construction schedule will be accelerated by increased concrete placement rates and reduced finishing; usually only screeding and float finishing are required.
  • By controlling concrete moisture emission, floors exhibit reduced shrinkage, curling, and cracking. Wet curing and curing membranes are not required.
  • The combined system produces smooth floors (both on-grade and above-grade) that meet floor flatness and levelness requirements without laser screeding or extensive power troweling.
  • When combined with specialized surveying and placement techniques, the Mainstay Composite Top system can provide on-grade and above-grade floors with a precise finish elevation. Flat and level floors with a precise finish elevation offer many benefits: 1) millwork such as doors and cabinetry may be prefabricated off-site without the need for trimming, shimming, and adjustment; 2) carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC trades work more efficiently with one another, resulting in fewer change orders and delays.